The Team

Superlinear is an experiment by Nonlinear.

Kat Woods
Co-Founder & President - Nonlinear

Kat Woods co-founded Charity Entrepreneurship (CE), an OpenPhil-funded neartermist charity incubator. It has launched 18 charities so far, including Fortify Health, Fish Welfare Initiative, Family Empowerment Media, and Training for Good. ​ Kat also co-founded Charity Science Health, now Suvita, which helped vaccinate 200,000+ children in India and received multiple GiveWell grants. Kat has been full-time in EA for 10 years, her entire adult life, and organized one of the first EAGs.

Emerson Spartz
Co-Founder - Nonlinear

Before beginning his EA journey in 2017, Emerson Spartz founded Dose, a top digital media company with $35 million in funding. Dose's videos generate billions of video views, and the company's broadcast TV show, Morning Dose, airs on CW stations nationwide. Previously, Spartz created 20+ of the world's largest viral content sites, attracting 50 million visitors monthly. Spartz was named to both Forbes' and Inc Magazine's "30 Under 30" lists. At age 12, Spartz founded Mugglenet, the #1 Harry Potter site and one of the internet's largest communities. By the age of 19, Spartz became a New York Times bestselling author after publishing his first book.

Drew Spartz
Founder - Superlinear

Spartz previously founded a social media hedge fund, an AI music platform, a digital media company, and helped manage a family office. An avid reader and traveler, he reads one nonfiction book every night after work while traveling through 40+ countries.

Platform Developer & Community Manager

plex is a full-time self funded x-risk entrepreneur and memetic sommelier, working on many things to try and shift the needle on humanity's future.

Nathan Young
Prize Developer

Nathan is a forecaster with expertise in collaborative editing. He is building a forecasting question generation platform, Doubtful, to help generate high-value forecasting questions and prediction markets. He's also Head of Forecasting at crypto prediction market Zeitgeist. He is writing prizes for Superlinear and (unsurprisingly to his friends) working on a way to help people write them collaboratively. He's happy to chat on Twitter and likes fantasy novels and pictures of mountains.

Luca De Leo
Prize Developer & Platform Development Intern

Luca has been pursuing a Masters in Computer Science degree at the university of Buenos Aires. He recently received a grant from the LTFF to study AI Safety and work on various EA projects, including Superlinear and some others yet to be revealed.

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